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Fenugreek Seeds.

Fenugreek Seeds.

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Fenugreek Seeds | NON-GMO | Heirloom | 100+ Seeds

**Fenugreek** (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is an annual herb that belongs to the legume family, Fabaceae. It is commonly used in Indian, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisine as a spice and for its medicinal properties ¹. Here are some tips for growing fenugreek:

1. **Planting**: Fenugreek can be grown from seeds. Plant the seeds directly in the garden or in containers when the last frost is over. The soil should be well-draining and rich in organic matter. Fenugreek requires full sun and warm temperatures to grow.

2. **Watering**: Water the plant frequently until it is established. Once established, fenugreek doesn't need much water to grow.

3. **Support**: Fenugreek is a small plant that doesn't require support to grow.

4. **Fertilizing**: Fertilize the plant with a balanced fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing season.

5. **Harvesting**: Fenugreek leaves can be harvested when they are young and tender, usually around 20-30 days after planting. The seeds can be harvested when they turn yellow or brown and start to dry out on the plant.


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