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Big Max Pumpkin Seeds. 10 Seeds.

Big Max Pumpkin Seeds. 10 Seeds.

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Big Max Pumpkin Seeds | Heirloom | up to 100 LBS | Non-GMO | 10 Seeds

Big Max is really big, commonly producing giant 100 lb bright orange pumpkins. This fantastic pumpkin has scrumptious bright yellow-orange fine-grained flesh. The skin can be as thick as 3-4" on Big Max.

Plant your pumpkin seeds outside after all chance of frost has passed and the soil temperature is 65 F. Most pumpkin varieties take between 85-125 days to mature. If you would like to have pumpkins on October 1st, count backwards to decide when to plant.

Pumpkins love the sunniest place you can find. A neutral pH balance soil is best. If you get a lot of rain, make sure that your plants stay protected from heavy wind and rain.

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